PG&E Holds Electricity BOGO Sale

    There could be a surge in business.

    Grass Valley Criminal Critically Ill After Accidentally Siphoning RV’s Septic Tank

    Area petty criminal Jimmie Saldoscent is recovering in custody today after mistakenly trying to siphon gasoline from a local RV's septic tank.

    Grass Valley’s Neal Street to be Transformed into Year-Round Ice Skating Rink Amid Local Outcry

    In a controversial move, Grass Valley plans to transform Neil Street into a year-round, downhill ice-skating rink, despite local objections. Residents are already adjusting to the pedestrian-only Mill Street and its cobblestones, with some expressing concerns over safety and practicality. As Grass Valley pushes forward with innovative ideas, the city risks skating on thin ice with its inhabitants.

    Area Woman Buried By CVS Receipt Pile

    Grass Valley resident Millie Franks was nearly smothered under 27  lbs. of CVS receipts on Saturday.

    Rocklin, CA Braces for Black Lives Matter/ANTIFA Protests

    Although the small and affluent city of Rocklin, CA never had to deal with civic strife, city leaders have drafted a plan in the event that a Portland-style uprising invades its borders.

    Smug Area Centaur Having Trouble ‘Fitting In’

    According to many locals, area centaur Royce C. Bradley's social anxiety concerns might be "just in his head."

    COVID-Related Erectile Dysfunction Rates Skyrocket In Nevada County

    Nevada County super-spreader events have featured "intimacy activities" designed to increase "natural" herd immunity.

    Tipping Bank ATMs Sparks Controversy in Grass Valley: Chase Bank’s Latest Move to Cash in on Customers

    Chase Bank's new AI-powered ATM that asks for tips from customers has sparked controversy in Grass Valley, California. While some are ecstatic about the new option, others are uncomfortable with tipping a machine. This move by the bank has left customers wondering whether it's an attempt to provide better service or just another way to cash in on them.

    Atlantis Found at the Bottom of Lake Tahoe

    The underwater "ruins" of Atlantis discovered on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe.

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