California Cigarette Purchases Now Require 7 Day Waiting Period

    Smokers have to wait seven days for their cigarettes under a new California law.

    Nevada City Man to Write Steinbeckian “Trimmigrant” Account of Nevada County

    Aspiring author Roy Riffle of Nevada City, CA is writing a Steinbeckian account of local workers.

    Grass Valley Post Office Replaces Missing Trees with Weed

    The Grass Valley Post office has replaced downed trees with the County's #1 cash crop.

    Pet Cougar Makes Neighbors Nervous

    Residents of the usually quiet and worry-free neighborhood of Somerset Drive have something to occupy their minds. Their Neighbors have just acquired a pet cougar.

    Rise Gold Mine Announces Job Opportunities For County’s Homeless

    Rise Gold has identified and devised a plan to solve the housing crunch and homelessness.

    Area Man Cited For Surfing the Lake Oroville Spillway

    Grass Valley's self-proclaimed "ganja surfer" Seth Mastrangelo is thrilled to have the Oroville Dam Spillway open again.

    School Under Fire for Showing African Porn to Kindergarteners

    Conservative protestors from all over the country flooded the small Sierra town demanding answers.

    Nevada City Socialists to Arm Parking Meters

    A group of Nevada City Socialists are arming parking meters to raise revenues for the city.

    Area Asshole Says 112 Degree Weather OK Because It’s “A Dry Heat”

    Don Vaca of North Bloomfield is an asshole.

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