Hipster Worried Beard Not Long Enough for Sharia Law

    Area author Roy Riffle is worried that he will not grow a beard long enough to satisfy the requirements of the inevitable arrival of Sharia Law.

    Insurance Companies Complain ‘Your Town Should Never Have Existed Anyway’

    As insurance companies cancel policies and pull out of 'risky' markets, citizens are fighting back.

    California Considers Selling Yosemite to the Chinese

    Governor Gavin Newsom is considering what many are calling "the sale of the century."

    How Grass Valley’s Mill Street Went Woke

    Grass Valley's Mill Street transformation ignites a battle between progressive city officials and conservative residents, who see the pedestrian walkway as a symbol of "wokeness" and liberal agendas. The city now faces the challenge of balancing modernization with preserving traditions, while quelling the debate over its direction.

    Penn Valley Man Legally Marries His Dodge Truck

    Dustin Jayce Dickens of Penn Valley, CA made history this week by marrying his RAM 3500 Truck.

    State of Jefferson Sued by Dos Equis

    Brewer claims that Jefferson’s “XX” dilutes their brand.

    Rep. Doug LaMalfa Seeks Food Stamps

    Congressman Doug LaMalfa seen here enjoying is SNAP-purchased turkey hot dog.

    Activists Petition to Have Broad Street Renamed

    Nevada City's most famous street might be on the chopping block.

    New Target Targeted in Anti-Target Target Ads

    In the wild, untamed land of Grass Valley, CA, an insidious corporate beast known as Target has been ambushed by anonymous guerrilla ad makers. These rebels, driven by a desperate need to save their community's soul, have ignited a firestorm of controversy, exposing the dark underbelly of a society enamored with convenience at any cost. As the war rages on, the citizens are left to confront their own twisted desires and the fate of their town.

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