Nevada City to Become Nation’s First 5G-free Zone

    Nevada City, California will be the nation's first town to ban all 5G-related technologies.

    Nevada City Passes Anti-Irish Gang Ordinance

    After recent gang violence has threaten the burgeoning, yet fragile Nevada City tourism industry, the city council has passed the nation's first anti-Irish immigration law in almost 120 years.

    Nevada City Experimenting with Polio in City’s Drinking Water

    In an attempt to exploit the benefits of 'natural immunity' over vaccine immunity, Nevada City, CA is experimenting with polio in their drinking water.

    Area Man Surrenders After Barricading Himself Inside Tiny Home

    A man wanted on multiple warrants surrendered peacefully nearly eight hours after barricading himself inside his tiny home Friday.

    Study: Briar Patch Parking Lot Keeps Most Conservatives Out

    A recent study says that most conservatives avoid the Briar Patch due to the parking lot.

    Nevada City Becomes Nation’s First Crowdfunded Town

    Nevada City says that it plans to repeal and replace traditional revenue sources like taxes and fines, and use crowdsourcing systems to pay for the operations of the town.

    Feds Bust Local Dolphin Masturbation Ring

    A massive dolphin masturbation ring was busted up outside the Nevada City, CA city limits by Federal officials working with the local Sheriff.

    Area Man Promises to Make Penn Valley Great Again

    Area Man Brock Whalen of Penn Valley wants to make the conservative township great again.

    Penn Valley Man Legally Marries His Dodge Truck

    Dustin Jayce Dickens of Penn Valley, CA made history this week by marrying his RAM 3500 Truck.

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