Area Conspiracy Theorist Enjoys Scaring People: “It’s a Sport”

    Sairhra Ramun of Nevada City says scaring people without evidence is part of waking up "the sheeple."

    Bernie Sanders Calls for Eco-Friendly Chemtrail Reform

    Bernie Sanders wants to do Chemtrail reform the right way.

    KVMR To Run 24-72 Hours Of Continuous Lawrence Welk

    KVMR hopes to offset what is perceived as a liberal-dominated format with Lawrence Welk marathons.

    ANTIFA To Hand Out Masks in Nevada City

    Nevada City, CA -- After several comments from the Nevada City government suggesting that citizens are not required to follow Governor Gavin Newsom's executive...

    Area Homeless Publishing Pictures of Safeway Shoppers

    The local homeless population is fighting back against hatred.

    Liberal CA Town Bans Scented Laundry Products

    "Laundry soap is bad enough, but those dryer sheets are truly disgusting," said long-time resident and local 'scent sensitive' Carole Bellstwat.

    Gov. DeSantis’ Drag Queen School Guard Frenzy: Florida’s Most Outrageous Solution to School Shootings Yet

    In a shocking twist, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposes deploying drag queens to prevent school shootings. This controversial plan, dubbed "Drag Queens for School Safety," has drawn backlash from both the LGBTQ+ community and the general public.

    Guru O’shnish’s Oregonian Cult Buys Portola, CA for $54 Million: Multiple Wives and a Love for Dollar General

    Portola, CA, was purchased by Guru O'shnish and his mystical quasi-Hindu-Indian cult from Oregon for $54 million, leaving each town member with above-market value for their properties. However, the decision to close the beloved Squeeze Burger inside the 7-Eleven on Sierra Avenue has left residents outraged. Meanwhile, nearby Graeagle is constructing a Trump-style wall to keep the cult out, while Quincy citizens simmer with jealousy and resentment over their town being deemed "too smokey and garish" by the cult.

    Area Worker Implements Nuclear Strike Protocols During All Hands Meeting

    A shocked Adjunct Video CEO Jeffery Oldheim seen here listening to co-worker Perry Clayson rattle off nuclear preparation protocols.

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