Nevada City to Become Nation’s First 5G-free Zone

    Nevada City, California will be the nation's first town to ban all 5G-related technologies.

    ANTIFA Targets Nevada County’s 3, Maybe 4 Anarcho-Capitalists

    Nevada County's AnaCap "community" is bracing for a visit.

    Area Anarcho-Capitalist Thinks Local Anarcho-Communist is an Idiot

    "This guy lives in la-la-land. It's basic economics. And that's something that Pete doesn't seem to get." Sues For Unspecified Damages

    After several cease and desist attempts, the local publication felt it had no other recourse but to sue.

    Former Mayor Must Attend Council Meetings in a Straitjacket

    In a majority vote, the City Council of Nevada City voted to restrain the former mayor.

    Nevada City Mayor Dives Behind Staples Counter After Someone Shouts “5G”

    Staples maintains that no customers were in any danger.

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