Area Racist Accidentally Polite To Asian Waiter

    During a rather routine dinner at local restaurant Asian Gardens, Terry Adkinson was accidentally polite to his Asian waiter after thoroughly enjoying what he believed to be an "authentic oriental meal" of orange chicken.

    Del Oro Mural Replaced with Directions to McDonald’s

    Controversy erupted this week with the Grass Valley city council voted to replace the Del Oro Theater mural with directions to McDonald's.

    A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

    Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

    Feng Shui Consultant Screws Up Hospital Emergency Room

    Good-intentioned Feng Shui consultants have created havoc in an area hospital.

    Area Jerk Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

    Lake Wildwood conservative activist Brock Whalen has made a career out of straight talk.

    Lake of the Pines Considers Controversial Comic Sans Font

    In an effort to stay relevant and "hip," Lake of the Pines is experimenting with the Comic Sans font.

    Bigfoot Turd Discovered at Alta Sierra Golf Course

    Keith Bradenshauer, self-renowned Alta Sierra cryptozoologist, and his kids made a 'massive' find on the golf course's 7th hole: a supposed Bigfoot turd! Excitement surged, while skeptics rolled their eyes. As the specimen headed for lab testing, residents awaited the results: genuine Bigfoot evidence or another misadventure from Keith's colorful history of local 'discoveries'?

    Roseville Launches ‘Don’t Nevada County Roseville’ Campaign

    Misty Smith is Chairman for the 380+ member strong "Don't Nevada County Roseville" Citizen's Commission. which is a collection of local, pro-growth developers and property owners

    Nevada City to Become Nation’s First 5G-free Zone

    Nevada City, California will be the nation's first town to ban all 5G-related technologies.

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