North San Juan Cancels 2023 Cannabis Cup

    North San Juan (NSJ), CA -- In a surprising move, the North San Juan community has canceled its famed NSJ Cannabis Cup judging for...

    Cthulhu Spotted Over Nevada County

    Cthulhu appeared in the skies over Interstate 80 late yesterday. There is no word from the octopus/dragon-like entity if it has any plans for the people of Earth, however its appearance probably means all humanity is about to end.

    CalTech Scientist: We Exist in North San Juan Man’s Dream

    Caltech Astrophysicist Dr. Tral Aldrich believes we exist in a North San Juan, CA man’s dream.

    ‘Over Stayed’ Shape-shifting Alien Fears Trump Deportation

    Zahhak Sobek, or better known by Grass Valley locals by give Earthly-given name of Gregg Koehler of Grass Valley, isn't interested in returning to his home planet.

    ChatGPT Costs Man $2 Million Lottery Jackpot

    A local investment banker in Grass Valley, California, Miguel Rodriguez, is being denied a payout of over $2 million by the California Lottery, after using the ChatGPT language model to help pick the winning numbers.

    Board of Supervisors Approve Clear-cutting of Entire County

    In an effort to prevent a catastrophic fire incident, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors voted to clear-cut every tree in the county.

    Nevada City Electrocutes Elephant to Demonstrate the Dangers of 5G

    A stunt to prove the dangers of 5G wireless technology is drawing criticism.

    Government Officials: The Broad Street Beacon May Be Developing Weapons-Grade Satire

    According to several government officials, the Broad Street Beacon may be weaponizing its satirical content.

    Local Man Fights Agenda 21 with Gold Claim on Area Irrigation Ditch

    Jimmie Brenton has illegally staked a claim on a Nevada Irrigation District Canal. He is also crazy.

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