Nevada City Man to Write Steinbeckian “Trimmigrant” Account of Nevada County

    Aspiring author Roy Riffle of Nevada City, CA is writing a Steinbeckian account of local workers.

    Fukushima Radiation Detected in North San Juan, CA

    Skyy Wolford ran around the Sierra Super Stop yelling at people with boats.

    Pershing County Officials: 97% Chance of Contracting Herpes at Burning Man

    The Pershing County Sheriff hopes to scare "burners" away.

    Study: Local Grocery Outlet Supermarket More Dangerous Than Muslim Refugees

    A new study by the Rundex Family Foundation suggests you are more likely to get injured from a falling can than a Muslim refugee.

    Report: Flatlanders Start Most Nevada County Fires

    A recent study funded by the Fire Safe Council and the city government of Grass Valley has determined that the majority of wildfires in Nevada County are caused by Flatlanders and stupid people named "Sal."

    Briar Patch’s Payphone is a Brilliant Marketing Decision: Here’s Why

    So you're one of those people who still look for a public payphone. Well good for you. But wait, there's more. As a local, you may not be aware that the Briar Patch COOP has a public payphone. And here's why it's a great marketing move.

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