ICE to Handle Lake Wildwood’s Canadian Infestation

    According to the official, Canadian geese illegally entering the U.S. borders will be detained.

    Lake of the Pines Considers Controversial Comic Sans Font

    In an effort to stay relevant and "hip," Lake of the Pines is experimenting with the Comic Sans font.

    A Grass Valley Man Who Claims ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’, Dies

    Jory James of Grass Valley died last Friday in a most ironic way.

    Satirist Accidentally Backs Into Gay Joke

    An area satirist doesn't know he's funny.

    Area Man Swears He Spotted Bigfoot

    Grainy Photo taken by Mr. Bradenshauer which purportedly shows Bigfoot running away from him.

    New Target Targeted in Anti-Target Target Ads

    In the wild, untamed land of Grass Valley, CA, an insidious corporate beast known as Target has been ambushed by anonymous guerrilla ad makers. These rebels, driven by a desperate need to save their community's soul, have ignited a firestorm of controversy, exposing the dark underbelly of a society enamored with convenience at any cost. As the war rages on, the citizens are left to confront their own twisted desires and the fate of their town.

    You Can Totally Tell Used Truck Belonged to PG&E

    According to Emeryville auto shopper Dewey Niemeyer, a blue Ford F-250 truck on sale at Empire Used Auto in Oakland used to be a Pacific Gas and Electric Service vehicle.

    State of Jefferson Declares War on the Great Republic of Rough and Ready

    State of Jefferson militia members are taking advantage of a mistake made by the Republic of Rough and Ready over 150 years ago.

    Nevada County Offers Free Driving Lessons For Subaru and Prius Owners

    Nevada County owners of Subarus and Priuses will get free driver's education.

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