Yes, There is Additional Stock In the Back You Can’t Have, Claims Retail Employee

    An area auto parts retail employee has exposed what is now being called the "Great Retail Warehouse Conspiracy."

    Wayne Brown Correctional Facility to Close/To Become a Day Care Center

    The Nevada County Sheriff's office announced today that the controversial Wayne Brown Correctional facility will close next month and be converted into a daycare center and a frozen yogurt shop.

    Grass Valley Woman Sued for Unpaid $16,000 McDonald’s Bill

    McDonald's Legal Drama Unfolds: Upset Customer Faces Grimace Purpleton in Court over Unpaid McBucks

    Local Activist Commits To “Chemtrail” Strip Club Tour

    Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun seen here using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

    Nevada City Woman Smudges Home

    A "spiritually-oriented" Nevada City woman has "smudged" her new home with sage to remove all its bad energy.

    Nevada City Residents Trying To Locate Mysterious Source of Muslim Call For Prayer

    Area officials claim they can't locate the noise, which has been repeatedly reported by as many as 10 people.

    Facebook to Allow Area Man’s ‘Merman Nipples’

    "Dusk" James Tilson of Nevada City, CA will be allowed to bare his nipples on Facebook after winning a protected battle with the social media giant.

    Grass Valley Police Pursue Driver With Oversized Korn Sticker

    The assailant Adrian Dyer's car in impound. The car was a hand-me-down from his Grandfather.

    Government’s Project Blue Beam ‘Cat’ Spotted Over Nevada City

    Several readers have contacted the Broad Street Beacon with reports of a mysterious beam of light emanating from the sky above Nevada City, CA.

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