Rocklin McDonald’s Under Fire for Giving Boy’s Happy Meal to Transitioning Child

    Following a "misgendered" issue at a Rocklin school, an area McDonald's is under fire for giving the boy's version of their famous Happy Meal to a "transitioning" child.

    “People Act Weird Around Me,” Claims Area Man Driving Used Police Car

    An area handyman doesn't understand why people drive strangely around him.

    Seniors Debate KCRA Reporter’s Ethnicity For Third Straight Night

    Reynaldo M. Rodriguez and Stephen Donnelly debated the ethnicity of a KCRA evening news journalist.

    Google Maps Street View Captures Alien in Nevada City

    An out-of-area man has made a startling discovery after his girlfriend send him a series of Google Street View screen shots.

    Nevada City Tests Aromatherapy On Hardened Criminals

    A new Nevada City ordinance is requiring the police to use aromatherapy for prisoners in local jails.

    Area Racist Has “At Least” 9 or 10 Black and Jewish Friends

    An area man wants everyone to know how he's not racist.

    Local Activists Propose Arming Deer Populations

    Local animal rights advocates announced they want to "give the animals a fighting chance."

    Area Survivalist Not Sure What He’s Preparing For

    Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA is not sure what he's preparing for anymore.

    Santa Hits Deer on Highway 49

    Local authorities are dealing with a potentially explosive situation.

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