Saudis Purchase Del Oro Theater/Redesign Tower into Islamic Minaret

    A new Islamic minaret to replace the old and iconic Del Oro Tower in Grass Valley, CA.

    Nevada City Woman Smudges Home

    A "spiritually-oriented" Nevada City woman has "smudged" her new home with sage to remove all its bad energy.

    Burglar Steals Bookstore Bookshelves, Leaves Books

    Area area burglar stole two bookshelves from a local bookstore, but left the books.

    Area Woman Not Sure Why She’s in the Starbucks Drive-Thru

    Cedar Ridge resident and frequent Starbucks patron Janet Williams didn't remember why she was in the popular chain's drive-thru located on Freeman Lane.

    Local Leaders Concerned ANTIFA Behind Recent #BreadGate Unrest

    Every act is part of the revolution!

    The Cast of “A Chorus Line” Briefly Stops Traffic on Highway 49

    Officer Justin Olberham of the CHP trying to figure out how to stop the cast.

    New Poll Asks if Homeless Should Be Killed, Tortured or Imprisoned

    A new online poll has raised more than a few eyebrows.

    Area Residents Warned Not To Approach Reindeer

    Jade Elscrow of Walnut Creek, CA knows first hand that Nevada County deer don't like him.

    Area Jerk Calls ‘Em Like He Sees ‘Em

    Lake Wildwood conservative activist Brock Whalen has made a career out of straight talk.

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