Russians Hack Georgetown High School JumboTron with Porn

    Washington D.C. -- A Russian hacking group is claiming responsibility for seizing control of a Georgetown high school stadium's JumboTron television and running porn...

    California Cigarette Purchases Now Require 7 Day Waiting Period

    Smokers have to wait seven days for their cigarettes under a new California law.

    Pet Cougar Makes Neighbors Nervous

    Residents of the usually quiet and worry-free neighborhood of Somerset Drive have something to occupy their minds. Their Neighbors have just acquired a pet cougar.

    Rise Gold Mine Announces Job Opportunities For County’s Homeless

    Rise Gold has identified and devised a plan to solve the housing crunch and homelessness.

    Locals: Who Do I Have to Blow to Get A Meal Delivered in this Town?

    I would happily pay a delivery charge-hell, I'd even tolerate a long wait time if it meant I didn't have to put on pants, set down my Manhattan, drag my ass downtown, put out my cigarette, and talk to people. I shouldn't have to talk to people to eat.

    Nevada City Passes Anti-Irish Gang Ordinance

    After recent gang violence has threaten the burgeoning, yet fragile Nevada City tourism industry, the city council has passed the nation's first anti-Irish immigration law in almost 120 years.

    Area Asshole Says 112 Degree Weather OK Because It’s “A Dry Heat”

    Don Vaca of North Bloomfield is an asshole.

    New Study Finds Vegans More Annoying Than Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Women Against Meat or WAM, are organizing a protest to take place at the University on Friday during the morning commute.

    BriarPatch Adds Roundabout Around Salad Bar

    Grass Valley's BriarPatch COOP has installed a traffic roundabout around its salad bar to mixed reaction.

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