Missing Utah Monolith Appears in North San Juan, CA

    The mysterious Utah monolith reappared in the remote Nevada County town of North San Juan, CA.

    Area Homeless Key Link in January 6th Indictments

    The FBI rounded up and detained upwards of 42 homeless for questioning, with an unspecified amount transported to several unnamed detention centers deemed "high risk for further crime."

    The Cast of “A Chorus Line” Briefly Stops Traffic on Highway 49

    Officer Justin Olberham of the CHP trying to figure out how to stop the cast.

    Lake Wildwood Now Checking Temperatures At Entrances

    All residents and visitors are required to stop. Rehires Brooke Binkowski as New CEO

    After being recently fired, the former Snopes managing editor was re-hired to the fact-checking website as its CEO.

    Briar Patch’s Payphone is a Brilliant Marketing Decision: Here’s Why

    So you're one of those people who still look for a public payphone. Well good for you. But wait, there's more. As a local, you may not be aware that the Briar Patch COOP has a public payphone. And here's why it's a great marketing move.

    Bank Robbers Mistakenly Rob Area Food Bank Van

    A group of stupid criminals from Sacramento mistakenly robbed a Grass Valley food bank delivery van.

    Local Man Fights Agenda 21 with Gold Claim on Area Irrigation Ditch

    Jimmie Brenton has illegally staked a claim on a Nevada Irrigation District Canal. He is also crazy.

    Deceased Nevada City Dentist Loved Family, the Philharmonic and Wife Swapping

    Harold Ardon, 92, died Monday at his Nevada City home.

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