Saxophone-Playing Dad Who Serenades Area Goats, Largely Ignored

    A Nevada City man was unsuccessful in his attempts to charm area goats.

    Disney-Style Narration Fails to Rouse Lazy Teenagers for School

    Grass Valley's Craig Thomas spent almost 15 minutes using flowery language and speaking in a deep and affected voice to rouse his teens.

    Freak GMO Fish Caught in Local Lake

    Area handyman Hank Snow showing off his unusual catch.

    Pet Bull Terrorizes Downtown Grass Valley

    Pete Johnson of Cedar Ridge attempted to capture his pet Bull "Jim" on Mill Street in Grass Valley. Picture courtesy of Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge.

    Nevada County Offers Free Driving Lessons For Subaru and Prius Owners

    Nevada County owners of Subarus and Priuses will get free driver's education.

    Nudists Annoyed By Recent Fire Crews

    A group of Nevada County nudists has something to say about recent firefighting efforts near their compound.

    Grass Valley Grandma Finally Able to Send “Selfies”

    After months of trying, Mythel Adams of Grass Valley finally figured out how to send a selfie.

    Roundabout Approved For Briar Patch Parking Lot

    The Grass Valley BriarPatch COOP leadership announced today that it plans on moving forward with a controversial Roundabout in the parking lot.

    A Realistic Thanksgiving Day Hunt Ends with Save Mart Shoppers Running For Their Lives

    An attempt at combining shopping with a "back to nature" ethic ended in a local grocery store evacuation.

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