Rocklin McDonald’s Under Fire for Giving Boy’s Happy Meal to Transitioning Child

    Following a "misgendered" issue at a Rocklin school, an area McDonald's is under fire for giving the boy's version of their famous Happy Meal to a "transitioning" child.

    Nevada County Officials Urge Calm During Upcoming Martial Law Exercise

    Several local and national law enforement officials are urging Nevada County residents to remain calm and indoors during an upcoming military exercise.

    Area Idiot Uncomfortably Loud in Safeway Checkout Line

    A Grass Valley family made a ruckus, as they always do, in a local Safeway over the weekend.

    Local Man Fights Agenda 21 with Gold Claim on Area Irrigation Ditch

    Jimmie Brenton has illegally staked a claim on a Nevada Irrigation District Canal. He is also crazy.

    Nevada City Becomes Nation’s First Crowdfunded Town

    Nevada City says that it plans to repeal and replace traditional revenue sources like taxes and fines, and use crowdsourcing systems to pay for the operations of the town.

    Area Poet Commemorates Stephen King’s Recent Appearance at Grocery Outlet

    Famous author Stephen King was spotted in the local Grocery Outlet, and an area poet captured his appearance.

    Thin Lizzy Fails to Energize Elderly Save Mart Shoppers

    Kmart's experiment didn't turn out well either.

    Hipster Worried Beard Not Long Enough for Sharia Law

    Area author Roy Riffle is worried that he will not grow a beard long enough to satisfy the requirements of the inevitable arrival of Sharia Law.

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