Nevada City Woman Has World’s First Tinfoil Scalp Implant

    Carol Mist has successfully undergone surgery to insert a layer of tinfoil underneath her scalp. Seen here in front of Nevada City's famous Stone House.

    Area Hotels Under Fire For Placing Gideon’s Qurans In Rooms

    Gideon's International is reconsidering its controversial Hold Hands Across Faith program.

    BriarPatch to Carry “Grocery Outlet” Section

    The move is expected to draw that critical "I can't afford to shop at the BriarPatch" demographic.

    US Navy Hospital Arrives at Scotts Flat Lake 2 years Too Late

    Not everyone is convinced that the arrival of the USNS Comfort is a good idea.

    “Red Dog Jim” Ghost Spotted on Highway 20

    The circumstances behind Jim H. Barnes' gruesome 1941 death are still a mystery.

    PG&E Suggests Burning Old People for Winter Heat

    The proposal isn't without its detractors.

    Nevada City Woman Smudges Home

    A "spiritually-oriented" Nevada City woman has "smudged" her new home with sage to remove all its bad energy.

    Area Fetishist Accidentally Buys Giant Black Clock

    Lake of the Pines resident Jared Beggar announced to his 500 Facebook friends and followers that he had purchased a giant black clock.

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