Russians Hack Georgetown High School JumboTron with Porn

    Washington D.C. -- A Russian hacking group is claiming responsibility for seizing control of a Georgetown high school stadium's JumboTron television and running porn...

    Nevada City ‘Vaccination Optional’ Charter School Accepting Applications

    The school will feature a patented aluminum electromagnetic dome shield.

    California City to Use Homeless People as 5G Towers

    Roseville, CA has a unique solution to both its homeless and mobile network troubles.

    Cell Phone Tower Doubles in Size Following Record Rains

    The controversial cell phone tower with was erected in Grass Valley's Brunswick Basin has grown by over 70 feet following a record-setting year for rainfall.

    Area Senior Can’t Stop Computer From Printing

    Reynaldo M. Rodriguez's printer has stopped working correctly. Mr. Rodriguez prints "every god-damned email" he gets because he's afraid he'll lose it.

    ANTIFA Targets Nevada County’s 3, Maybe 4 Anarcho-Capitalists

    Nevada County's AnaCap "community" is bracing for a visit.

    Man Who Says He’s Moving From “High Tax” California is Still Here

    Michael “Mike” Zeller, a working white guy from Southern California, has regaled his co-workers and family with his dream of moving from “high-tax” California to Texas for over 13 years.

    7 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Trump Cult Member In Your Life

    Oregon House, CA -- You know it's coming to the end of the Christmas shopping season when you can't find that unique gift for...

    Nevada City to Host Nation’s First Chickenpox Party

    Organizers hope to both infect as many children as possible during the one day event and raise awareness to the dangers of vaccinations.

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