New Study Finds Vegans More Annoying Than Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Women Against Meat or WAM, are organizing a protest to take place at the University on Friday during the morning commute.

    Self-Study Logging Course Deemed Unsafe By CalOSHA

    Several Nevada County homeowners are angry after taking an online, self-study logging course.

    Shroud of Turin to be Displayed in Nevada City

    The Shroud of Turin, the linen cloth bearing the image of a man that some Christians believe to be the burial shroud of Jesus of Nazareth, is going to be displayed at the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce starting in January 2019.

    Area Man Swears He Spotted Bigfoot

    Grainy Photo taken by Mr. Bradenshauer which purportedly shows Bigfoot running away from him.

    BriarPatch to Carry “Grocery Outlet” Section

    The move is expected to draw that critical "I can't afford to shop at the BriarPatch" demographic.

    Glory Hole Donuts Opens in Penn Valley

    Opened last week, Glory Hole Donuts offers all kinds of fabulous, exotic pastries for all kinds of tastes and lifestyles.

    David Copperfield Denies Making the Del Oro Tower Disappear

    The famed illusionist denies making the iconic tower disappear.

    Area Man Proclaims Autonomous State Inside Carl’s Jr.

    Nevada City resident Charles Jones in his short-lived Permanent Autonomous Zone called "La Burgia" inside a Grass Valley, CA Carl's Jr.

    Area Goodwill Donation Centers Preparing for “Nike Flood”

    As local conservatives engulf their Nike clothing in fire for no apparent reason, area Goodwill donation centers say they are being flooded with the apparel giant's clothing.

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