Grass Valley Woman Uses Internet to Self-diagnose Gluten Disease

    Shelly Wagner seen here "researching" scabies and ebola symptoms

    Internet Filters Blocking Gr*** Valley for Containing the Word, A**

    Nevada City is Safe… Unless the Urban Dictionary Invents a New, Nasty Definition For It

    Area Cat Survives 24 Story Fall

    An area cat made quite an impact on a Sacramento driveway.

    Area Woman Almost Dies Just Thinking About Mandatory Vaccinations

    Lisa Fellows of Nevada City thought she was going to die at just the thought of mandatory vaccinations.

    State of Jefferson Opens Strip Clubs and “Pornorama”

    State of Jefferson advocates hope to raise funds for lost cause through “XX” branding.

    Critical Race Theory Found Hanging Outside of School Board Meeting

    "There would not be a nationwide backlash against Critical Race Theory if this were not occurring and being explicitly taught in our schools," said John Miera, a local batshit-crazy racist.

    Local Amateur Astronomer Spots Giant Black Cube Near Moon

    Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra, CA swears he spotted an enormous "Black Cube" near the moon.

    Nevada City Woman Has World’s First Tinfoil Scalp Implant

    Carol Mist has successfully undergone surgery to insert a layer of tinfoil underneath her scalp. Seen here in front of Nevada City's famous Stone House.

    Area Racist Has “At Least” 9 or 10 Black and Jewish Friends

    An area man wants everyone to know how he's not racist.

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