Earth First! Liberates Christmas Trees From Savemart Parking Lot

    One eyewitness claims she saw the vans hurrying out of the parking lot, with trees sticking out of the windows.

    Nevada City Says ‘Historical’ Potholes Part of ‘Old Time Charm’

    In an attempt to restore "the charm of yesteryear," Nevada City is proposing adding more potholes.

    San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill Parrots Killed by Salesforce Tower Windmills

    Mr. Praline knew the parrots' lives were in great jeopardy, and not only that, his livelihood as the city's premiere "parrot guide" was in trouble.

    Nevada City Experimenting with Polio in City’s Drinking Water

    In an attempt to exploit the benefits of 'natural immunity' over vaccine immunity, Nevada City, CA is experimenting with polio in their drinking water.

    Penn Valley Man Legally Marries His Dodge Truck

    Dustin Jayce Dickens of Penn Valley, CA made history this week by marrying his RAM 3500 Truck.

    Local Activists Propose Arming Deer Populations

    Local animal rights advocates announced they want to "give the animals a fighting chance."

    Nevada City Artist Hires Photographer to Capture Him Pooping

    Thorsten Urner's latest artistic experiment might have gone too far.

    Yes, There is Additional Stock In the Back You Can’t Have, Claims Retail Employee

    An area auto parts retail employee has exposed what is now being called the "Great Retail Warehouse Conspiracy."

    KNCO Swap Shopper Assures Audience that His Tires are “Like New”

    Area caller into KNCO's Swap Shop insists that his tires for sale are "like new."

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