Baby Moses Re-enactment Goes Horribly Wrong on Deer Creek

    A photo of the unidentified child on Nevada City's Deer Creek who was apart of the baby Moses re-enactment.

    Nevada City’s Next Farm-to-Table Dinner to Feature Bigfoot Meat

    The meat will be served in several ways, from Bigfoot tartare to slow-roasted BBQ.

    Truckee Man Could Use a Little Help

    After a recent snowstorm, Truckee resident Jamie Igo found himself in trouble.

    Area Man Not Sure What He’s Angry About

    Dustin Jayce Dickens of Penn Valley is really angry. But he's not sure what he so angry about.

    “People Act Weird Around Me,” Claims Area Man Driving Used Police Car

    An area handyman doesn't understand why people drive strangely around him.

    Anti-Vaxxer’s Opinion Fails to Prevent Measles Outbreak

    Nevada City's Lisa Fellows doesn't care what the data and science says about vaccinations because, "that's just her opinion."

    Dialysis Patient Saves PG&E Millions by Dying Before Planned Power Outage

    PG&E said it was both sorry and grateful for the timing of an area woman's death.

    Suspicious Rice Cooker Left Outside of Salvation Army

    The Police were dispatched to attend to a suspicious appliance outside of the Grass Valley Salvation Army.

    Area Guinea Pig Chews Thoughtfully Despite Approaching Civilization Collapse

    Area Guinea Pig Sugar Peaches isn't concerned about the pending nuclear holocaust brought on by a Donald Trump[ Presidency.

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