Area Woman Not Sure Why She’s in the Starbucks Drive-Thru

    Cedar Ridge resident and frequent Starbucks patron Janet Williams didn't remember why she was in the popular chain's drive-thru located on Freeman Lane.

    Nevada City’s Next Farm-to-Table Dinner to Feature Bigfoot Meat

    The meat will be served in several ways, from Bigfoot tartare to slow-roasted BBQ.

    Humpback Whale Spotted in Lake Tahoe Mysteriously Disappears

    A team of scientists from Brigham Young and Southern Methodist Universities say they have visual evidence of a stranded humpback whale in Lake Tahoe.

    Area Schmuck Who “Didn’t Vote for Trump” Coincidentally Supported All of His Policies

    When asked if being a victim makes him the real oppressor, he grew annoyed.

    Satirist Accidentally Backs Into Gay Joke

    An area satirist doesn't know he's funny.

    Area Man with 17 Bumper Stickers Can’t Fit One More

    Nevada City resident Toby "Doob" Carnevale never has enough room for everything he wants to say.

    After Decades of Anxious Social Media Predictions, the Highway 49 Bridge Finally Collapses with the Aid of Photoshop

    Some residents are relieved after decades of worrying about the historic bridge.

    Area Survivalist Not Sure What He’s Preparing For

    Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA is not sure what he's preparing for anymore.

    Nevada City Woman Has Longest Hyphenated Name in USA

    Katherine Lucy-Elizabeth Tatum-Stonehousefelder in her Nevada City, CA Office. She claims to have the longest hyphenated name in the United States.

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