Xander X. Xanthangum

Xander X. Xanthangum is a blogger/news writer whose credits include submitting questionable and unsourced articles to Gish Gallop. His background in dodgy topics include Dodge City (because it is dodgy) and Nevada City (because it is a city). Occasionally, when inspired, he will write about Grass Valley, and maybe even Auburn. A child of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s 90s, 00s, and 10s, he can be relied upon to pull really old, obscure cultural references from his head, or PIROOMA as it was termed back in the day. His dead wives include Lotta Crabtree, Lola Montez, and that lady who used to bartend at that place you used to drink. He is kinda of a hipster who knows what the cool kids are doing these days.

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Brenda "Dusty" Woods of Nevada City, CA said her utility smart meter gives her vivid dreams.

Utility Smart Meter Provides Area Woman with Vivid Dreams

Although many people complain about the effects of electromagnetic radiation, one area woman says they're helping her get a good night's sleep.

Bilderberg Group to Meet in Sierra City in 2021

The annual private meeting of North American and European elites known as the Bilderberg Group announced this week that they will be holding their annual conference at Herrington's Sierra Pines Resort in May of 2021.
A Grass Valley, CA accidentally captured a strange phenomena Just outside of Sierra City, CA.

Mysterious Flying Girl Caught on Video in Sierra County

A Grass Valley, CA accidentally captured a strange phenomena Just outside of Sierra City, CA.

National Hotel’s 5G-Shielded Suite Booked Through 2024

Nevada City's iconic National Exchange Hotel is getting some alternative upgrades.

Humpty Dumpty In Hospital ICU After Infecting Thousands

The popular nursery rhyme character and restaurateur Humpty Dumpty is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Grass Valley Approves 5G Tower at Roundabout

The controversial 5G tower is set for launch sometime this spring.