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National Hotel’s 5G-Shielded Suite Booked Through 2024

Nevada City's iconic National Exchange Hotel is getting some alternative upgrades.

Humpty Dumpty In Hospital ICU After Infecting Thousands

The popular nursery rhyme character and restaurateur Humpty Dumpty is in critical condition at a local hospital.

Grass Valley Approves 5G Tower at Roundabout

The controversial 5G tower is set for launch sometime this spring.

State Officials Concerned About Nevada City’s Wet Market

State and Federal health officials are concerned about Nevada City, CA's "alternative" market.
Brewer claims that Jefferson’s “XX” dilutes their brand

State of Jefferson Sued by Dos Equis

Brewer claims that Jefferson’s “XX” dilutes their brand.

Area Woman Reaches Goal Weight With Coronavirus

Marilyn McDonald is happy with the weight she lost after getting the coronavirus on vacation in Japan.