Freyja Throrsdottir

    Freyja Throrsdottir is a resident troublemaker and rabble rouser, if there's no story she'll create one. She was definitely not involved the North San Juan Poison Grain disaster of 1979 or the Sausalito Whale Combustion of 1982. Freyja resides in Alta with her dog, Boing. She was briefly married but tragically lost her husband to a wasting illness, never identified. In her spare time Freyja tends an award winning poison garden, she's received such honors as biggest deadly nightshade blossom and most toxic White Oleander stem. She attended Northwestern University where he achieved a Masters in Journalism and she's been the recipient of the Prevaricator Award in outstanding journalism, the Fabulist Award for investigative journalism and 12 Pulitzers.
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