Nevada City, CA — In a move that surprised literally no one, local Nazi sympathizer and Cement Hill resident Jerry Caustic is now claiming that he’s being censored and “canceled” by the liberal “woke mafia” for expressing his opinions.

Caustic, well-known for his extreme right-wing views and unapologetic promotion of Nazi ideology, took to social media to complain about what he calls the “censorship of free speech” and the “cancel culture” plaguing our society.

“The woke mafia is trying to silence me because they can’t handle the truth,” Caustic wrote in a recent tweet. “They want to cancel anyone who doesn’t agree with their liberal agenda.”

However, many people are questioning Caustic’s claims of censorship and cancel culture, pointing out that he has been able to express his opinions freely and openly for years without any consequences.

Jerry Caustic is not being canceled or censored,” said local civil rights activist Sarah Jones. “He is simply facing the consequences of his hate speech and Nazi sympathies.”

Others have pointed out that Caustic’s claims of censorship and cancel culture are not based on any reality but are instead fabricated concerns that he’s picked up from fringe 24-hour cable news programs.

“Jerry Caustic is just repeating talking points that he’s heard on Fox News and other right-wing media outlets,” said media critic Chip Chatter from The Union Newspaper. “There is no evidence of a liberal ‘woke mafia’ trying to silence him or anyone else.”

Despite the lack of evidence, Caustic continues to complain about censorship and cancel culture, using them as an excuse for his hateful views.

But for many in the community, Caustic’s claims distract from the real issue: the need to confront and condemn hate speech and Nazi ideology.

“We cannot allow people like Jerry Caustic to continue to spread their toxic views without consequences,” said Jones. “That’s not censorship or cancel culture. That’s holding someone accountable for their actions.”