Grass Valley, CA —  A local naturopathic doctor is perplexed why he has not been the target of the global ‘Big Pharma’ conspiracy to murder alternative health professionals.

According to several reputable media outlets such as,, and, there has been a terrifying crime wave involving holistic and naturopathic ‘practitioners’ over the past year.

Their questionable deaths raise the specter of an ominous and disturbing conspiracy to silence alternative, non-corporate remedies. Jerod “Whitehorn” Hoserben, who is not a doctor and has no clinical training, has been frightened after the suspicious Naturopath deaths. He wonders when his time is coming.

“It’s terrifying,” said Mr. Hoserben from his Brunswick office. “There have been hundreds of my colleagues who have mysteriously died. I say it’s murder because the Medical Industrial Complex is out to snuff out any competition, especially competition that has cured ailments and disorders. People spend thousands of dollars propping up this evil when they should spend their money on things that work. You know, on specialists like myself.”

Over the past year, as many as 60 holistic doctors have been murdered, depending on the source. However, there is zero evidence to support the claims that there is a coordinated conspiracy that the medical industry is trying to silence alternative health professionals.

The Naturopathic Enemies List

Naturopathic medicine is a form of pseudo-scientific and  alternative medicine that employs an array of practices branded as “natural,” “non-invasive,” and as promoting “self-healing.” The ideology and methods of naturopathy are based on “vitalism” and self-healing, not evidence-based medicine. It is generally considered by mainstream medicine to be dangerous and a waste of money.”

That’s what they want you to know,” continued Mr. Hoserben. “They want to control every part of your life. It’s part of the globalist conspiracy to poison and dumb us down. I have cured diabetes and autism, and at least four clients say my treatments have reduced their anxiety levels.”

He bristled and became agitated when asked for clinical proof to support his claims.

“Who sent you?” Questioned a jittery Hoserben looking around the room suspiciously. “Are you going to believe the proof provided by the same people who created it? Who’s watching the watchers? See, this is why all people in my profession are worried for their lives. When I claim I’m healing people, I get to put on the list.”

When asked what the list was, Hoserben became sullen and grave.

“The list. What, are you stupid or something? The kill list. It’s all over the Internet. Each one of these doctors who have been murdered was on the list.”

According to local police officials, no area doctors, holistic or naturopathic or not, have been the subject of any crimes, and officials say they do not know of any threats.